What learning types are offered?

We offer 3 types of learning types for our distance learning qualifications. Each learning type suits different people and their personal preferences.

Online Learning Platform

We offer a dedicated online learning platform in which learners can login and complete their work online using the platform. Once you have paid for a course and chosen Online Learning as your preferred learning option, you will receive an email with your new login details for our online portal. Once you have received this email, you will be able to access your course and start completing your work in your own time. Within the email, you will also receive details of your assessor and their contact details should you have any questions.

Posting Learning Resources (Paper-based learning)

We also offer paper based learning in the form of booklets to be hand written and completed. These booklets include learning resources and answer booklets. The booklets are posted to your address with a pre-paid stamp to send back to us upon completion. Your postage costs are always covered so you can send your completed work as often as you like.


Finally, we offer a combination of both learning types. This includes a login for the dedicated online learning platform in which learners can answer questions and also receive learning resources through the post for reading and revision to complete online questions.

Choosing your learning option

To choose your learning option, you need to view a specific product. Once you're on the product page, simply select an option from the third dropdown menu, selecting either: Online, Paper-based or Combination.

How do I get access to my online learning platform?

Once you have chosen your product and gone through the simple checkout process, you will receive an order confirmation. After the order confirmation, you will receive another email with the link to your new account online. From there, you can use the link to log in with your issued login credentials. 

The link to our online learning platform is: https://hya.equal-online.com