What Is Distance Learning?

Distance learning is a form of studying in which learners do not need to attend an academic environment i.e. a college or training centre. Learners can study remotely and complete work in their own time. 

How Long Will My Course Take?

Distance learning courses offered by HYA Training all vary in the length of time required to complete. Our courses each come with a ‘Recommended Total Qualification Time’, which gives you an idea of how long with the qualification will take as standard. 

This being said, qualifications can take longer or shorter depending on learner’s ability and how regularly you are able to work on your course modules.

All Recommended Qualification Times would be discussed and agreed with your personal tutor once you have commenced your course, allowing for full flexibility to complete within a time frame that works for you.

What Are The Advantages Of Distance Learning?

Distance learning courses offer flexible learning hours to work around your schedule. You will not be required to take extra time out to attend classroom style sessions such as those held in a college or study school. This means all of your time can be spent on the work at hand. 

You can work entirely in your own time to complete your course, meaning you won’t be under unnecessary time restraints.

For employers who are looking to up-skill their workforce, you are able to designate the time allowed for your workforce to study their chosen programme. This can then be split across any working hours and personal time (off-the-job). Our tutors are always willing to work to your requirements as the employer.

What Level Of Support Do I Get?

As part of your course, you will be assigned a personal assessor, who will be on hand to guide your though your course. They will be responsible for marking all of the work submitted, and will provide clear feedback on any areas requiring improvement. HYA Training's on-hand tutors are all professionals in their respective area, and will be more than happy to schedule discussions with you to answer any queries you have about your course material. 

We don't subcontract the work to an tutoring agency, meaning everything comes directly from HYA Training, allowing us to best develop your learning.

Should you live within the Humberside area, and want to discuss something face to face, HYA Training's office has several meeting rooms which are perfect for one to one meetings with either your tutor, or the Distance Learning management team.

How Much Does It Cost? 

Our distance learning courses vary in price, dependent upon the qualification level and discipline. All prices are marked next to each course on our website, and are inclusive of VAT.

Delivery of the learning materials is always free of charge. 

Should you be eligible for funding against the cost of your course, please contact us directly prior to purchase. Should you have already purchased the course and realise you are eligible for funding, please get in touch as soon as possible and we can arrange any necessary refunds.

What Happens If I Don’t Complete? 

Our distance learning courses involve assessment and administration time in order to process both learner’s details and completed work. For this reason, there is a £85 (inc VAT) charge for any learners that do not complete their qualification, due to leaving their schedule of learning early. 

This would be chargeable for both outright purchase and payment plan learners. Please see our terms & conditions for further details, or contact us directly.

The Ordering Process

Our ordering process is really straight forward – but there are some options you may want to be familiar with prior to making a purchase. Please therefore read this section in full.

Should you be an individual learner, who is responsible for the full payment of a single course, we would recommend purchasing directly through our website’s built in ordering system. A full explanation of how to order using the website is explained below.

For any individual learner who has their course costs covered by an employer or external company, please contact us to arrange your purchase. We will then be able to send you the relevant application form(s) and capture all of the required information, so we can raise the correct payment invoice(s).

For any employer who is looking to buy one or more courses for the development of their workforce, please contact us to arrange your purchase. We will then send you any relevant application form(s) for all of your employees involved, as well as the payment terms & conditions for buying several products at once.

We are happy to work with employers/companies who require a purchase order for invoicing.

HYA also offer a ‘payment plan’ for any purchases. Should you not be in a position to pay the full value of the course upfront, then we can offer an instalment plan to cover your total costs. Should a payment plan be required, please contact us. These plans would be based around the same total cost as a direct purchase, however late payment charges may be applicable. Please see the website terms & conditions for further information on this. If this is required, please do not use the website’s ordering system.

For more information on payment plans, please click here.

For all direct website orders, please see the below step-by-step guide:

·       After finding your course, please add it to your basket. 

·      When happy with your basket content, simply click the 'Proceed to checkout' button. Your basket contents will be displayed back to you before payment – please amend at this stage should it be required. 

·       Once your order is correct, please click the ‘Proceed to checkout’ button again. 

·       Please then fill in the ‘Personal Information’ section. 

·       When completed, click the ‘Continue’ button to advance to the ‘Addresses’ section. 

·       On the ‘Addresses’ section, please fill in fields that are relevant to you. There are fields in the form marked ‘Optional’ which you can leave blank if they’re not relevant. 

·       ‘Shipping Method’ section refers to how your course will be delivered. This will have been chosen when adding the course to your basket – either Paper based, Online, or Combination.

·       Please also add any additional comments about your order in the box provided.

Once this is completed, you will be able to proceed to the payment section.

HYA offers three ways of payment through our website’s built in ordering system.

·       PayPal account

·       Debit/Credit card (via PayPal)

·       Cheque

HYA Training accept all payments through a third-party payment gateway called PayPal. PayPal is a trusted worldwide company. 

If you already have an account with PayPal, you can log in and pay immediately using the stored credentials. Should you not have a PayPal account, you can simply pay by credit or debit card directly to our account.

Should you be paying by cheque, please be aware that this method will take longer for your order to arrive due to HYA Training having to receive and process the cheque as payment. All cheque information is provided when this option is selected with information about who to make the cheque out to and where to send it. 

Please note that we do not allow payment plans for those who are paying via cheque.

Once you have decided upon your payment method, please tick the checkbox to confirm that you’re in agreement with our revocation terms – it is advised that these terms and conditions are read in full.

Once you are happy that your information is correct, you can finalise your order. If you have any issues with the way HYA Training conduct their payments or any questions about where your information is stored, please contact us at your earliest convenience.